How LPC came to life

I love golf and I love looking good on the course. For years I'd been looking for headcovers that were retro yet sporty, classic yet modern, beautiful yet know, something different. And I didn't want to pay a ton of money for something I didn't love. And there weren't really any aftermarket covers out there that I loved. So my girlfriend said, "Just go buy some leather and have your mom teach you how to sew." Having never worked with leather or used a sewing machine it was not as simple as that. But through a lot of hard work, creativity and patience Little Prince Customs was born.

There are two of us behind LPC.

I manage the creative side as I want all you golfers out there to have the bag look the way you've always wanted, not settle for a bag full of ugly covers that advertise for club companies who aren't paying you to advertise.

She wants you to be able to find me online, see everything that has been created and reach me easily. To put it simply, I am the artist and she is the tech wizard.

If you have an idea let's work together to make it happen.