A special pre-order offer for Golf Body Rx customers

If we reach at least 30 pre-orders between Thursday, March 14th and Monday March 18 at 11:59pm PST, Karl will hand make this special "Stars & Stripes" custom headcover design for Golf Body Rx customers with FREE expedited shipping!

The Winner

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What makes LPC headcovers different?

  • Each piece is hand cut and sewn in San Francisco, CA by Karl Theobald
  • Made with high quality genuine leather from fine tanneries around the world.
  • We source our products from US business.
  • Unmatched quality with fine attention to detail.
  • Family own and run.

Who's Behind LPC?

Karl loves golf and looking good on (and off) the course. Never satisfied with what was on the market and lots of time during COVID started with a home sewing machine and idea's in his head.

Leilani loves the finer things in life and seeing Karl happy so she bought him the sewing machine that started this all.

He does all the manual work of designing, cutting and sewing. She gets to wear all the other hats.

Here's How It All Works

When will I be charged for the Pre-Order?

All items pre-ordered will be charged at the end of the campaign.
You can see when the campaign will end on the product page.

When will I be charged for in-stock items?

If you choose to add additional in-stock items to your order then you will be charged for those items at time of checkout.

What happens if 30 headcovers are not Pre-Ordered?

You will not be charged and the order will be canceled.

If you ordered additional in-stock items we will contact you to confirm your order.

Are there any addition promotions?

Yes, we offer 10% off your order with the purchase of 3 or more headcovers.

When should I expect to receive your order?

Items are made each week and orders will be processed on a first come first serve basis. You should expect to receive your order within 30 days.

You will receive a tracking notification when your order is on its way.

What happens if there is something wrong with my headcover?

We stand by each cover we make. We will remake your headcover free of charge.

If there is something wrong please reach out to us by email at karl@lpcgolf.com or call or text Karl at 310-621-0413.